Saturday, July 7, 2007

burger king fashion

its been so long since the last post...
but we're making english crown for Burger King indonesia now.
its the new concept for children having birthday at burger king, the girl or the boy will be Queen or king of the day.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


1.Strong braided wool,sewed to obi
2.Glued white plain belt on reverse
3.All beads are sewed by hand, not machine
4.The belt is made from stretch fabrics, fits your figure

Available col: white, yellow,color(more colors to come)

Please come to BIWX boutique
for more info : 08159 353 353 (Audrey)

denim plush toys

All made from Denim and screen printing
1. Denim monster: H 24 cm, W 20 cm
2. I am Not a Toy: H 30 cm, W 15 cm
Come and Get them...
Available at: AEDI Interior
JL.Kemang Utara no. 4
or call 08159 353 353


Do you have a Tshirt crisis?
we will come to the rescue...
Give us your old tshirt, and u pick your own design...we are going to do all the transformations...(starting from neckline,size and details)
Just come to our boutique,
or dial 08159 353 353
we will be happy to help u..

Monday, January 29, 2007

OK boys get ready to get broken hearted!!
Cos this girls surely got attitudes....
Rima wears Overlapping necklace all by BIWX and the girls are ready to rock the nite...
Ladies..strike a P.O.S.E !!!

Premiere Cinta Pertama

Rima and the girls are wearing hair accesories by BIWX
The premiere was warmed by the present of Bunga's best buds
You look gorgeous girls...

Friday, January 26, 2007

genious january

We call it: access to every kind of personality.
We have crystal,rosario,even classic beads
Cause we know that every person have their own signature style..